Budget should look into Telecom crisis

V. Sridhar and Rohit Prasad, The Hindu Business Line, 29 Jan 2020

How to improve data speeds

V. Sridhar, Badrinarayan M & Girish K, Financial Express, 17 Dec 2019



Oil or water? Need to ensure that data nationalism does not hurt consumer interests

V. Sridhar and Sidharth Narayan, Financial Express, 30 Oct 2019

High levies set to strangle telecom sector

V. Sridhar, Financial Express, 30 Oct 2019


Digital identity: Need a closer look at inclusion, trust, and agency

V. Sridhar and Munir Mohammed, Financial Express, 12 Jul 2019

A cautionary note on spectrum auctions

V. Sridhar and H. Hammainen, Financial Express, 21 Mar 2019

Bringing the spring back in telecom’s step

V. Sridhar, Business Line, 26 Feb 2019

Sic transit gloria orkuti

Preeti Mudliar, Hindu Sunday Magazine, 12 May 2019


Over The Top: To regulate OTTs or not

Sridhar, V. & Kartik Raja, Financial Express, 27 Dec 2018

Public sector Telcos shouldn’t be sidelined

Sridhar, V., Business Line, 5 Nov 2018

Confusing storage over control?

Sridhar, V., Ramachandran, T.V. and Kartik Raja Financial Express, 9 Oct 2018

EU GDPR: Privacy matters

V. Sridhar, Advanced Computing & Communications, Vol: 2, Issue 3, Sep 2018 

Where is Indian E-Comm headed?

V. Sridhar, Financial Chronicle, 17 Sep 2018

Artificial Intelligence for all

V. SridharFinancial Express, 16th May 2018

Transparency in Telecom services

V. Sridhar & Rohit SinghFinancial Express, 8th May 2018

What Facebook leakage means

V. SridharFinancial Chronicle, 9th April 2018

Regulating new-age tech firms

V. Sridhar & T.K. SrikanthFinancial Express, 30th March 2018

Predicting the value of Bitcoin

V. Sridhar & Shashank Motepalli, Livemint, 9th March 2018

Reliance Jio’s latest bundling strategy might succeed in improving 4G penetration in India

V. Sridhar, Financial Express, 8th March 2018

Google needs to act responsibly and transparently

V. Shridhar, Economic Times, 15th February 2018


As Aadhaar project enters a critical year, here are the worries that still remain

V. Sridhar, T.K. SrikanthEconomics Times, 26th January 2018

V. Sridhar, Financial Express, 8th March 2018

India can become a global leader in telecom solutions, not just stem job losses, but even reverse it

V. Shridhar, Chinnu Senthilkumar & Kartik Raja, Financial Express, 8th December 2017

Monitoring & enforcement of Net neutrality a huge task for regulators

V. Shridhar, Deccan Chronicle, 5th December 2017

Monitoring & enforcement of Net neutrality a huge task for regulators

V. Shridhar, Deccan Chronicle, 5th December 2017

Before rolling out 5G services, here is what Centre must do first

V. Sridhar & Rohit Prasad, Financial Express, 11th October 2017

Taking WiFi public

Preeti Mudliar, The Hindu, 7th September 2017


For Digital India to really reap benefits, some key technology-related issues need to be resolved

Kala S. Sridhar & V. Sridhar, Economic Times, 19th August 2017

The puzzle of telecom regulation

Rohit Prasad & V. Sridhar, The Hindu Business Line, 11th July 2017



Why are telecom firms in the doldrums?

V. Sridhar & Rohit Prasad, Mint, 12th June 2017


Aadhaar security: Why government needs to develop a framework for analysing privacy issues

T.K. Srikanth & V. Sridhar, Financial Express, 4th May 2017

2017 outlook: the Top Five technology and business trends for India

V. Sridhar & T.K. Srikanth, Your Story, 29th December 2016

The changing face of Indian IT

V. Sridhar, Financial Express. 15th December 2016




Design logic in digital, less-cash age needs reality check

Amit Prakash, Deccan Herald, 12th December 2016

Technology to the assistance of the flipped classroom model

V. Sridhar & Krunal Sagan (Epecate), Mint, 19th October 2016

Spectrum bid 2016: A cautionary note

V. Sridhar, Deccan Herald, 15th October 2016

Entry of Reliance Jio is the beginning of a new phase of data services

V. Sridhar & Rohit Prasad, The Financial Express, 14th September 2016

Telcos Set to Battle at India Spectrum Auction 2016

V. Sridhar, Voice & Data, 23rd August 2016



‘With Ola Auto there is a shift in the way auto-drivers and passenger interact’

Kavitha Narayanan & Onkar HoysalaThe Hindu, 14th August 2016

Web RTC: Niche tech empowers developers

V. Sridhar & Saurav Panda (Epecate), The Financial Express, 11th August 2016

Enabling human capacity in ICT development programmes

Amit Prakash, Deccan Herald, 9th July 2016

Net neutrality demand lacks Indian context

V. Sridhar & Rohit Prasad (MDI, Gurugram), The Hindu Business Line, 6th July 2016

Fostering a healthy start-up ecosystem in Bengaluru

Amit Prakash, The Times of India, 4th July 2016

Time for Netizens to say Yes, ICANN

V. Sridhar, The Economic Times, 30th June 2016


When competition marries cooperation

Rohit Prasad (MDI, Gurugram) & V. Sridhar, The Hindu Business Line, 8th June 2016

Make IT for India

V. Sridhar, Livemint, 26th May 2016

Business value of Wi-Fi

V. Sridhar, The Financial Express, 26th May 2016

IT sector employment: Time to think afresh

Amit Prakash, The Times of India, 15th April 2016

Regulating the sharing economy

V. Sridhar, The Financial Express, 13th April 2016 


Telcos, forget past and prepare to embrace 5G

V. Sridhar, Deccan Herald, 28th March 2016

Giving BSNL a new lease of life

G. Krishna Kumar & V. Sridhar. The Hindu Business Line, 21st March 2016


IT education policy: Lost in catching up

Amit Prakash. Deccan Herald, 16th February 2016

It is time to redefine net neutrality

V. Sridhar & Rohit Prasad (MDI, Gurgaon). The Hindu Business Line, 10th February, 2016

Starting up for a longer haul

Amit Prakash. The Times of India, 26th January 2016


A watchdog for the WhatsApp economy?

V. Sridhar & TK Srikanth (IIIT Bangalore). The Hindu Business Line, 22nd January 2016

Needed, a national fibre optic network

Rohit Prasad (MDI, Gurgaon) & V. Sridhar. Mint, 12th January 2016

There’s a fog over net neutrality

Rohit Prasad (MDI, Gurgaon) & V. Sridhar. The Hindu Business Line, 11th January 2016

Beyond ‘free’ and ‘neutral’: An Internet policy for India

Amit Prakash. Deccan Herald, 11th January 2016 

App streaming: Paradigm shift in mobile apps

V. Sridhar & TK Srikanth (IIIT-Bangalore). The Financial Express, 24th December 2015

Imprisoned in the box

V. Sridhar & SR Raja (AVP, Persistent Systems). The Hindu Business Line, 15th December 2015

Product Thinking? Why is it a secret sauce for the IT industry?

V. Sridhar & Pradeep Nair (Co-Founder and CEO, Confianzys). The Financial Express, 30th November 2015

The saviour of broadband in India

V. Sridhar, Rohit Prasad (MDI, Gurgaon). The Financial Express, 26th November 2015

How the spectrum game is played

V. Sridhar, Amit Bubna (University of Maryland) & Rohit Prasad (MDI, Gurgaon). The Hindu Business Line, 7th November 2015

How app-based taxis are advantageous

V. Sridhar & Kala Seetharam Sridhar (ISEC, Bangalore)
Deccan Herald, 20th October 2015

Roti, kapda aur makaan: the startup story

V. Sridhar & SR Raja (AVP, Persistent Systems), 14th October 2015

Digital India needs to go local

Amit Prakash. The Hindu, 5th October 2015

Be free of call drops, tune into FM radio

V. Sridhar
The Hindu Business Line, 23rd September, 2015

What are the motivations behind startup partnerships?

V. Sridhar
The Economic Times, 21st September, 2015

The meaning of India’s second IT boom

V. Sridhar
The Hindu Business Line, 17th August 2015

Guidelines for sharing spectrum need to go hand in hand with trading and leasing

V. Sridhar & Rohit Prasad (MDI Gurgaon)
The Economic Times, 19th August 2015

Getting set for the app economy

V. Sridhar & Krishna Kumar (VP, Symphony Teleca)
The Financial Express, 24th July 2015

Telco-OTT, a Symbiotic Relationship?

V. Sridhar & T.K. Srikanth, Voice & Data, July 2015, pp. 66-67

Net Neutrality to Digital Dynamism

V. Sridhar & Rohit Prasad (MDI Gurgaon)
Economic and Political Weekly, 27th June 2015

For a win-win alliance in telecom

V. Sridhar & T.K. Srikanth
The Hindu Business Line, 5th June 2015

How Complex is Net Neutrality?

V. Sridhar & Rohit Prasad (MDI Gurgaon)
Oxford University Press (OUP) Blog, 8th May 2015

Internet of Masses

V. Sridhar & T.K Srikanth
The Financial Express, 23rd March 2015

Net Neutrality: Smart, personalised data pricing need of the hour

V. Sridhar & G. Venkatesh (IIT Madras)
Economic Times, 17th March 2015

Who is liable in platform business?

V. Sridhar & T.K. Srikanth
The Financial Express, 13th January 2015

Time for TRAI to reopen Integrated Emergency Communication and Response System

V. Sridhar & R. Venkateswaran
The Economic Times, 10th December 2014

Project Management Lessons in Outsourced Product Development

V. Sridhar & Anees Haidary (Sasken)
Manage India (a publication of Project Management Institute India), December 2014

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