Consulting Projects

Providing a Framework for Integrating IT Applications of ESCOMs

Started Jan 2019 – Current

Investigator: Sridhar, V., Rajagopalan, S., Amit Prakash, Sadagopan, S., Chandrashekar, R., Das, D., Thangaraju, B.

Karnataka Vision 2025 Report

Started Oct 2017, Completed

Investigator: Sridhar, V., Rajagopalan, S., and Amit Prakash

Information Technology and Bio-Technology Sector. Karnataka Vision 2025 Office, Government of Karnataka, India and KPMG.

Assessment of Accessibility of Government Websites in India

Started May 2014, Completed: September 2014..

Investigator: Amit Prakash

All government websites and private websites in India providing consumer services are required to be made accessible to persons with disabilities. Consequently, technology standards, design layouts and navigation architecture adopted by many of these websites are likely to experience significant change. At a broader level, issues related to assistive technology, i.e. specialty software and hardware for persons with sensory, physical and cognitive disabilities, and their interoperability requirements would also have to be examined if these standards are to be met. This study involved an evaluation of 273 Government Websites in India for their compliance with accessibility standards prescribed by W3C and NIC and recommendations for bridging compliance gaps. The client for this consultancy project was Microsoft India Pvt. Ltd.

Consultancy for NII 2.0 Working Group and Sub-Groups

Started August 2013, Completed.

Investigator: Amit Prakash

A Working Group was constituted by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Government of India to formulate a strategy and detailed action plan for the proposed National Information Infrastructure (NII) 2.0. The Centre for IT and Public Policy at IIIT Bangalore provided consulting support to this Working Group and its four Sub-Groups (on Policy & Institutional Mechanism, Architecture, Security and Sustainable Financial Mechanism) to draft their respective reports.

DPR for the Proposed National e-Governance Academy

Started July 2013, Completed.

Investigators: S. Rajagopalan, Vinod Vyasulu, Amit Prakash, Bidisha Chaudhuri

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Government of India proposes to set up a National e-Governance Academy to address the gaps that exist in the country with respect to e-Governance training, education and research. IIIT Bangalore is preparing a detailed project to articulate the broad strategies for establishing such an Academy and detail key operational aspects, including legal and organizational structures, human resources, infrastructure and financial model.

Assessment of e-Governance Projects

Started December 2012, Ongoing.

Investigators: S. Rajagopalan, Vinod Vyasulu, Amit Prakash, Niveditha Menon, Anjali Mohan, Kavitha Narayanan

Through its Centre for IT and Public Policy, IIIT Bangalore is advising the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Government of India on assessment of various e-Governance projects as a knowledge partner. As a part of its overall e-Assessment strategy, DeitY has been assessing e-Governance projects across India to understand the impact, utility, sustainability, scalability, and replicability of these projects. The current set of assessments with which IIIT-B is associated with pertains to the assessments being planned as the second batch for the period 2010-12. The specific assessment projects where the Centre is involved with are as follows:

  • Baseline study of ‘PDS Online’, a project which involves use of ICTs in the delivery of various services under the public distribution system across the country
  • Impact assessment of ‘iGeoApproach’, a project where a GIS based system is being used by the Madhya Pradesh Government to plan and manage its rural roads programme (as part of the national scheme of rural road construction, the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana)
  • Detailed assessment of Sujala Watershed, a project where ICT has been used in managing watersheds in the South India State of Karnataka.
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