CITAPP Seminar Series talk by Balaji Lakshmanan on Cattle Identity and Cattle Health

Date: 16-02-2022

About the February 16th talk: Dairy is one of the largest sectors in India and a significant contributor to the Indian economy and farmer’s income. Approximately 70 million farmers are directly involved in dairying. Cattle identity is a fundamental problem currently implemented using non biometric solution like ear tags. We use AI/ML driven biometric muzzle-based cattle identity solution similar to Aadhaar. Lack of tools to check cattle health results in increased cattle health expenses. We have developed mobile app for cattle health indicator to regularly check cattle health. Dairy farmers are also provided with recommendations on breeding issues, feed & fodder management, and preventive & primary care. Balaji has suggested useful background papers that are linked to the schedule listed at the end.

Speaker Bio: Balaji Lakshmanan is an innovation and product engineering specialist who has held diverse roles that have involved an understanding of the market and product design. In his current role as CTO at Dvara E-Dairy, he has been involved in product design and development from scratch for the dairy segment and towards facilitate cattle management and enabling the financial inclusion of small dairy farmers. Prior to this, Balaji has worked at a number of start-ups including Intellect Design Arena Pvt. Ltd and Besides his entrepreneurial experience, he has also published research papers in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.Balaji has an MS (by Research) in Computer Science from IIT Madras and a BE in Computer Science from University of Madras.

Balaji Lakshmanan’s talk will be followed by a discussion and Q&A session anchored by Dr Nachiket Mor.

CITAPP’s Monthly Seminar Series is an attempt to create a forum where researchers across IIITB domains can meet and discuss cutting edge research on the chosen theme of the semester. The Series  hopes to explore a technology or topic for its ramifications in different realms of social activity. In particular, we are interested in understanding the specific kinds of complexity that these domains present for technological innovation and design. 

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